Johanna Martinez

About me's tend to be colder than the winter in NYC. For those who know me my soul is warm and bubbly. Perhaps as warm as South florida where I came from, partially. I was born and raised in Burbank, California. I would say that's where my love for acting and music came from. I also lived a couple years in Medellin, Colombia, which I'm convinced is where my obssesion for food and flavors began. I later moved to NYC the capital of the world for 3 year. In which I trained at HB Studios for acting and various other workshops.

I now live in Miami Florida,  I consider myself an artist, which is why I do not box myself in any particular art form. I also act and model. I enjoy dramatic and comedic styles of acting. Just the thought of bringing a character or idea to life is fascinating. With that, makeup came naturally.  It is immensely rewarding no matter how minimal or big the transformation is. I have done theater, film, TV, radio and hosting.

 My interests and passions are endless, just like my appetite.  Feel free to contact me for any rates and  positive opportunities, my email is below. Even if you want to simply debate on how Lil wayne is not as good as he used to be or how badly I wish Tupac was still alive. 

Social Media

Instagram: @ooitsjoo

Twitter: @ooitsjoo  (I tweet in lyrics.. And occasionally vent.)

Youtube: Johanna Martinez (Makeup tutorials and perhaps monologues soon)